COREFX Wall Ball Training

by Corefx

Why Wall Ball?

Let’s start with power development, exercise diversity, results oriented, skill based and fun! For me, power development is the key to athlete development, and to be clear, everyone is an athlete in my book. Everyone should want to train and move like an athlete!

Click the video link to give you a sense of the integrated core development that can be created using plyo (quickly moving from deceleration to acceleration) and quick linking-type movements while throwing the Wall Ball from a variety of positions (standing, seated, supine).

Coordination, agility, reactivity, balance, speed and strength (CARBSS) represent the key qualities that contribute to power expression. Add in a dose of mobility (optimal positioning) and stability (being able to maintain positioning of a joint or the body while static or transitioning), and you’ve got a complete approach for developing a body that can move well. A diverse number of COREFX Wall Ball exercises can contribute to this integrated, whole body, training outcome.

The beauty of the Wall Ball is that you can practice “release skills” by accelerating the ball to a partner or driving it off of a wall. Generally, when we practice throwing-type drills, we must hang onto the object and decelerate the motion at the end of the movement. Deceleration training is not bad, but is different than being able to follow through with speed and maximal velocity at the terminal part of the movement. Utilizing the Wall Ball allows this to occur because this training tool is designed for power training—using challenging loads that can be moved quickly–and explosive release drills.

Each movement should have a key focus and be part of a “big picture” planning process. Focus points could include mobility, dynamic warm-up, balance, core stabilization, core rotation, or metabolic, for example.

Benefits of core-centric power training with the COREFX Wall Ball include:

  • Body Control
  • Spinal Stabilization
  • Direction Change
  • Power Development and Sequential Force Transfer
  • Improved Performance
  • Injury Prevention