Ski Fit - The Quick-6 Ski Workout | Part 2

by Corefx

The Quick-6 workout represents conditioning you can do at home or in the gym. Maximize the workout by training smart, even with minimal equipment options.

Perform 3-sets, 20-30 seconds per set; perform on R/L sides where appropriate, 3-4x per week

1. Lateral Band Walks (COREFX Pro Loops)

COREFX Pro Loops

2. Back Extension with Row (Can also be done on a stability ball with Kettle Bells or Dumbbells)

Back Extension with Row

3. Squats (Plyo box/wall ball)

Box Squats

Weighted Squats utilizing the COREFX Wall Ball to gauge depth.

box squat

4. Weighted Vest Plyobox Step-Ups or Power Skips w/ Propulsion

Plyobox Step-Ups

5. Lateral Box Jump (Use Hurdles or Plyoboxes)

It should be noted that the specifications for the various aged USSA athletes I coach are (40cm = 15.74 inches and 30cm = 11.8 inches). But, this movement can be progressed from the floor, to short micro hurdles, to learn the rhythm and timing. Do not start on a box height that is too high. Too high of a box is dangerous and ineffective with regard to skill transfer to snow. Progress slowly and focus on maintaining timing, rhythm, accuracy of foot strike, being quick off the floor and overall quality of movement, as well as body control.

6. Core Stabilization

Being able to brace the core by “turning it on and off” during a ski run is critical. Learning how to stabilize the core in a split second without thinking, and for a short duration, as you react to movement challenges on snow is very important. Core bracing needs to be at the reflex level. To learn this key skill, you must practice doing so in a controlled training environment by using exercises that require this on/off core activation until it becomes automatic.

Core Stabilization

The COREFX Quick-6 ski workout provides you with the template and exercise ideas to implement a get-fit-quick, no excuses workout. By focusing on the lower body, core and hips, you will be set for quality run after run. You’ll develop leg strength, power and endurance, which are all important to a fun and successful day on snow. Be sure to track your workouts, and be accountable. Get it in and get it done! If you’re new to training, build up to performing 3-sets, 20-30 seconds per set. Start with 2x per week, with 3-4 workouts per week, your reach goal. You already love your sport. Get in shape and you’ll feel and see the performance difference. Dedicate this year to #gettingbettereveryday!

Keep an eye out for Part 3, Staying Fit In-, Through- and Off-Season.