Your Next Slam Ball Workout

by Corefx

I mean besides jumping out of an airplane with a parachute, is there really anything more exhilarating than grabbing something heavy and slamming it to the ground with every muscle in your body!? Ok maybe I exaggerated slightly, but whether your looking to burn fat as fast as possible, looking to build a little muscle, tone your body, or you just came out of a breakup, let’s break down, why the Slam Ball is a must to include in your next workout.

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If you asked me to pick my favourite ball equipment, the slam ball would take first place and blow out the competition. The slam ball is a non-bouncy ball you can get at varying weight. It is a plyometric style workout requiring your body to exert maximum force in a very short period of time. It allows you to utilize virtually every muscle group in the body and ends up being like a blow torch for your fat, which means you won’t have to actually use a blow torch for your fat. The slam ball allows for exercises, ranges of motion, and movement speeds that you can’t get with traditional gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, or machines.

This workout is designed to improve the strength, power, and explosiveness of every muscle of the body. Anytime you move the body through a large range of motion at a high velocity, there will be a high energy demand that must be supplied by the anaerobic system of the body. The anaerobic system kicks in during bursts of intense exercises, like sprints to the bench press to get there before some other chump or… slamming a heavy ball to the ground with maximum force. The system taps in when oxygen demand is greater than your oxygen supply, which will increase the intensity of your workout and the rate at which you burn fat. But enough gibberish, basically your closer to fitting into that beach body you threw up for motivation on your refrigerator than you think!

COREFX Slam Ball


Try completing: 5 sets x 15 repetitions with 15-30 seconds in between.

Try these other workouts with your Slam Ball:

Squats - Hold the Slam Ball with both hands close to your chest and feet about shoulder-width apart. (3 sets x 15 repetitions).

Russian Twists - Sit on the ground and create a V-shape with your legs and back. Twist your upper body from side to side holding the Slam Ball. Lift your feet off the ground to make it slightly harder. 1 rep = twist from both sides (3 sets x 20 repetitions).

Overhead Lunges - Stand tall and hold the Slam Ball above your head with your arms fully extended. Step forward with one leg and then alternate with the other. (3 sets x 15 repetitions)

If you are looking to burn fat, tone or build a little muscle, the Slam Ball is definitely a great choice. Assuming your nutrition is on point, it can help to turn your body into a fat burning machine, while also helping you to release any left over pent up energy. This means no more yelling at the chump that beat you to the bench press, or the bartender at the juice bar that didn’t mix your protein shake at the right angle. But more than that it gives you a creative and fun way to experience an intense workout that will leave you out of breath, and shredded, and come on, nothing beats slamming a ball through the ground with no consequences!